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23 years of experience

From 1996 contributing to solutions outposts in Internet for companies
Integrated within Infortelecom Hosting we counted on a great multidisciplinary team of more than 60 people, that allows us to confront any type of project, since we included from first stage of consultancy and analysis of viability, to the planning, home, development and pursuit of all the projects in which we are involved.

In 1996 ABServer it was born as oriented company to serve in Internet, creating different departments for the creation from contents in Internet, advanced Design of webpages, programming and development of Intranets, Extranet, Electronic Commerce B2B and B2C, etc.

At the moment we are specialized in hosting and advanced services of Internet for companies and professionals of Internet, providing through our own datacenter, solutions of high availability, cloud, Housing, etc.

Ours more than 2,500 clients they allow us to guarantee and to ensure the success to him any project that you wish to trust us for his development, being a technological partner more than a supplier for his company.

The effort inverted in the profit of this certificate knows a clearly objective: €œTHE SATISFACTION OF ITS CLIENTS€.



Than 23 years developing more products and services able to satisfy the needs with the SMEs to facilitate the control and management to him of its company.


Innovating to make its available the last technologies, that allow him to improve their management and to offer a better service.


Highly qualified personnel, with plans of continuous formation that will facilitate the perfect operation to him of their systems.

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We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the scope of the Hosting Web. This fact is a determining factor to advance us to our competition in the business forecast and thus of offering the sharpshooting services to him in the sector of the TIC.


As client we offer exclusive a telephone attention to him by specialized technical personnel. Being ABServer client he will be able to enjoy an ample portfolio of products and services that will allow him to extend its opportunities of business between its present and potential clients.


It does not need equipment nor specialized software. The client does not require personnel of systems management. The client chooses the plan that needs, and can pass to plans superiors or inferiors whenever she wishes.


With the purpose of to offer the best and more novel service to him, we have a plan of enterprise formation to all our RR.HH, as much technicians as commercial. Our mission also is that our clients know all the tools and can offer the best service to their own clients.


Commitment with our clients. A commitment that are translated in a superb service, the more competitive product range and a service of customized attention.


The certifications ISO 9001, 27001 and our ample portfolio of clients ratify the quality of our services. Our projects and services to size pass a strict quality control on the part of a team of specialized technicians.


We offer solutions to him created exclusively for our clients. Fit to prices and characteristics in accordance with the needs of each of our clients


Engineers in telecommunications and specialized professional experts in Internet will be to their disposition. We have Data Center own in Spain and a system of tools and management online that allows him to work of totally independent form.


In ABServer it will see as the margins of benefit of sue company increase considerably. In addition we make its available the amplest product range that will allow him to offer integral solutions to its final clients.


Our clients count on a return guarantee, if their final clients are not satisfied with served during the 30 first days of hiring we phelp the amount to him.

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